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The accredited testing laboratory performs testing of all incoming raw materials and end products. The obtained comparable results from interlaboratory testings in the country and abroad are a proof for its precise work.

The work in the laboratory is carried in exclusively high quality requirements and independence concerning outer interested parties during the testing process. All activities are performed in strict confidentiality and for the obtained results from the analyses the complex testing laboratory issues protocols for testing with arbitrary value.

All activities are in compliance with the requirements of the international standard BSS EN ISO/IEС 17025, according to which the laboratory has obtained accreditation from Executive agency “Bulgarian accrediting department”, which is national body for accrediting of testing laboratories.

The main laboratory activities are:

1. Taking samples from petroleum products

The samples are taken in accordance with standard requirements in order to guarantee the quality of testing.

2. Physico-chemical testing of the following oil products:

- Fuel for diesel engines
- Unleaded motor gasoline
- Gas oil for industrial and communal purposes
- Fuel for ships
- Heavy fuel oil
- Mineral turpentine
- Gasoline for еxtraction
- Crude oil
- Heavy fuel