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The tanker was built in The Netherlands in “Vahali te Gent” shipyard in Holland. Its technical characteristics correspond to all European regulatory requirements for ships, sailing on the inner water routes of Europe. It is a single-deck ship with fore-and-aft saddle shape of the deck, and prowl and stern superstructure. The tanker corpus is divided by 11 cross bulkheads and is produced from ship steel. The tanker has a Nationality Act and is inscribed in the registry of large ships on Russe harbour under №743 in 2005.

YAKOS tanker has level-controlling signalization which regulates the shipping and unshipping operations as well as emergency signaling apparatus for high level. High level gauge which sets in motion a device preventing decantation before reaching 97.5% filling degree. Visual and sound warning signal coordinating the emergency signaling apparatus for high level. YAKOS tanker is equipped with contemporary fire-precaution system ensuring high level of protection. 







According to the policy of “Insa” for constant technical renewal and improvement, in 2006 the vessel was reconstructed. New double bottom and partial double deck were constructed with inlets for each tank, situated on the main deck. “Yakos” has entirely repaired cargo pipelines and powerful cargo pumps. The ship is equipped with six manifolds and bunker mast for intermediate unshipping.

The equipment of “Yakos” includes fully repaired cargo pipeline. It consists of pipelines with Diameter from 200 mm to 250 mm and an unshipping crane mast with 15m jib length and 6 manifolds situated on the prow, the middle and the stern of the tanker on both deck sides.

The equipment includes two loading pumps put in motion by two diesel engines DAF and hydraulics with 710 m per hour total capacity. Fully repaired pipeline system functions on the ship for warming the loading tanks with capacity to heat the cargo to 90% with temperature to +20 degrees Celsius.


The modern and reliable construction and equipment guarantee quality and safety during the transportation of petroleum products on the Danube river. “Insa” owns floating pontoon positioned in the Rousse harbour.