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“Insa” group includes leading Bulgarian companies for manufacturing and distribution of petroleum products. Harmony and optimal balance between industry, innovation technologies, environment and application of highly effective structural decisions are basic tendencies, which determine the appearance and their development. The strategy of the companies in the group is the offering of maximum quality, care and protection of the environment. For the purpose of achieving of these goals, “Insa” constantly invests in contemporary equipment and development of the human capital. The efforts of 450 qualified professionals as well as the application of modern technologies and equipment guarantee the highest operational standards and quality of the distributed production.


„Insa Oil” awarded for quality and loyalty in business relations

(26 November 2010) “Insa Oil” was awarded with prize for quality and loyalty in business relations among totally 4 companies in the area of manufacture, processing and trade with petroleum products. The prizes are awarded from “Brain ...


The business of the companies from “Insa” group is ecologically responsible. The care for environmental protection and its components, protection of human health and protection of biological species, have turned into a basic priority of the activity.


Hundreds of companies in Bulgaria, as well as abroad, trust to the companies from “Insa” group, because of the proven high quality of the products and services. The manufacturing processes and the finished products correspond to the national and world standards.